Social Media is everywhere!

Well, so here I am!

The aim of this blog is to explore, write about social media and other interests I have in mind. Mostly, it’s for TECH 637 Research Focus: The Social Internet course I’m taking this semester in Purdue University (USA). Otherwise, I’ll try to do my best and not stop writing and investigating once the course is over! This project is too interesting to leave it because social media is indeed a phenomenon growing every day.

For one year, I’ve been writing a blog about my interests in Catalan (my mother language, I’m an exchange student from Barcelona) and I really enjoy it, but I’ve to confess that I’m not an expert about social media. Until now, I’ve only had this blog I just talked about and a Facebook account. Yesterday, I created a Twitter account and I still investigating about how it works, so baby steps!

I really want to know more about this Social NetWorld. The instructor Dr. Mihaela índexVorvoreanu wrote: <<TECH 637 simulates an interdisciplinary think tank environment where students identify research questions and examine the impact of social media and social networking technologies on various aspects of society, business, culture, communication, web experience, and interface design.>> So I guess this course is going to be very useful.

Come on, even my oldest grandmother is taking Internet classes and she uses Facebook. We’ve to try being like an itgirl (young woman who possesses the quality “It”, absolute attraction) but itsocialnetworld.  Social Media is everywhere!


2 thoughts on “Social Media is everywhere!

  1. Hi Ariadna, I look forward to reading your blog! Could I please ask you to change the options of your WordPress theme so that the prompts are in English? Thank you!

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