How much does your building weigh, Mr.Foster?

cartell documentalToday I’ve decided to write about a wonderful documentary I watched some months ago. How much does your building weigh, Mr. Foster?  is about the life and career of one of the most famous architects of the century, Norman Foster.

The first time I watched it, was in the Verdi Cinema in Barcelona, and had hit me both architecturally (as a building engineer that I am) and emotionally. Seriously! Several hours and days two feelings had been lasting to me, very difficult to live together!

The first one, the greatness. The greatness of the ideas and buildingsHearst-Tower that have been created by Foster and his team. Perhaps I’m exaggerating, but I was fascinated to have the opportunity to see these works in person, as there are real. To appreciate the skyline with the Swiss Re tower in London and go to Columbus Circle in the Big Apple, New York, and see the curious Hearst Tower.

And the second feeling, the smallness. The smallness you feel, both as a student of this world or as a worker, what has succeeded by this man and you’re not even in the beginning of the way… However, you should try that first impression lasts more, shouldn’t you? Try to think that one day you’ll find your way. Mr.Foster has been saying constantly that he had to performs struggle to find his way.

The leaning of the sensations described earlier also falls due to the excellent quality of the documentary, especially the photography and music. I think we don’t only have to appreciate the beauty of the aerial images of buildings, the places where the architect is skiing in the early stage and the final cause a very nice sensation, too.

And finally, I want to mention one part that I especially like. The part of the documentary Masdardedicated to the city of Masdar in Abu Dhabi, an ecological model city, designed by Foster & Partners team. Since I started studying my degree and master, I’m very attracted to Sustainability and I think this project is an inspiration. Convey the idea of leaving a low carbon footprint in this world is for everyone.

I mention that everything written is personal opinion, so if you want to experience it you must watch the documentary. You’ll also find the story behind the curious question of the title 🙂

Here’s the trailer if you want to see it. Enjoy!!!


3 thoughts on “How much does your building weigh, Mr.Foster?

  1. Thank you for the tip. As an architect myself, although I´m not much found of the final aesthetics of Mr. Foster, I do respect him for all the research effort he puts in architecture and buildings. We really need more architects like him! I´ll try to see if I can find how I can watch the entire movie.

  2. Thanks! I agree with you! The movie’s worth watching if you have time. I think that you’ll be able to find some link online.

  3. Interesting. Thank you for the recommendation. Now, can you link your ideas in some way to social media and class content? Please keep this in mind for future blog posts.

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