Experimenting with SMtools, an itsocialnetworld app!

I don’t regret downloading this mobile app in my Ipad! Sometimes, I’m just bored and I start netsurfing, looking in AppStore for interesting apps. When I believe I’ve found one I download it and then sometimes not worth it at all… I hate that but that’s modern netlife!

flipboard blogHowever, Flipboard is not the case. Flipboard is an app that aggregates content from a wide variety of sources, including news websites, social networks and blogs, which you can organize into “flippable” (I love that, the gesture, the swiping) magazine-style pages.

You can personalize your magazine content from a myriad of well-know sources as BBC, NY Times, etc. You can arrange the sections, covers and subscribe to your own Twitter, Facebook, Google+ timeline and receive your social media feeds. This app will make the tweets, lists, notifications, etc. and turn it into a lovely magazine.

The new version 2.0 even let’s you create your own magazines with articles that you find in various sources. These magazines can be followed by others, and at the same time can also be edited with a friend or partner you choose for this task. I haven’t tried this new feature yet but shortly I will, it sounds interesting and funny!

I’m not a real mobile genius but navigating the app is simple,  easy to understand, useful and beautiful. It’s really great to read the news you’re interested on, gossip or stay connected to people-all in one place!

heat it social mediaFlipboard is the newspaper for the digital age and I totally recommend it, for me it’s an itsocialnetworld app!


5 thoughts on “Experimenting with SMtools, an itsocialnetworld app!

  1. The first time I tried out Flipboard I couldn´t quite see what´s so interesting. Although its looks always captivated me!!!
    But then, with time I found to be a very interesting and easy way to find news about things that interest me…
    I didn´t know we could ask a friend to edit toghether! Seems very interesting!!! If you have time, let me know what you find or, if you want we can try it toghether and see how that works out!!

    1. Oh, I’d love it! It sounds very interesting to create our “own” magazine, I’ve to investigate more how it works!

  2. I agree. It’s a wonderful app! They made the flipping gesture ridiculously satisfying, and it should be an example to every ui/ux designer out there.

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