Sherlock updated! Using Internet and Social Media

I have to admit it. I am an avid reader and fan of Sherlock Holmes. I have read all the stories of Arthur Conan Doyle and I re-read them whenever I can. But I must confess SherlockBBCPosterthat I had never watched a movie or TV series about the character. However, I could not resist watching one of the TV series depicting a contemporary update of the famous detective: Sherlock, from the British BBC, the first season aired in 2010.

Again, I have to admit that I’m pretty hooked to Sherlock. The chapters never cease to bore me. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have an amazing presence and they make a great Sherlock Holmes and Doctor John Watson. I totally love them and recommend the series.

The characters have many similarities to the original literary work although now adapted tosherlock-phone the new times. They’re using modern technology such as smart phones, Internet and GPS, to solve crimes! It’s amazing. In the first chapter of season one, Sherlock is able to find where the pink lady is from using the Weather Channel app in his smartphone. How cool is this?

I also believe that he can also find more about his mysteries searching on the social media sites where the corpse, the suspects have (had) a profile. This should help to draw clues and the motives of their actions.

Moreover, in this new update, Sherlock instead of hand writing articles he has a blog or S2E2_new-posts-sherlock-blog-600x337website, The Science of Deduction. In this, he presents the results and analysis of his experiments. On the other hand, his friend John Watson also has a blog. He posts about the cases he and Sherlock had resolved. He uses a narrative style, adds photos and funny quotes so his blog it’s more successful and entertaining to read. Very important in a blog nowadays if you want more followers! I’m not saying that posting about scientific things is not useful and cannot have followers but, admit it, the second one is going to have more audience. Watson said to Holmes on the first season (I really love the dialogues of the series):

Sherlock Holmes: Do people actually read your blog?
John Watson: Where do you think our clients come from?
S.H.: I have a web site.
J.W.: In which you enumerate two hundred and forty different types of tobacco. Which is why nobody’s reading your web site.

In one chapter even, Sherlock uses John blog’s visitor counter for helping to solve a case! Social Media and the Internet have become very important in our lives and the new Sherlock knows it!


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