The Magic Washing Machine

If you have never seen or listened to any TED Talks, you should think about doing it. TED talks are amazing ways to learn about a myriad of topics such as global issues, science, politics, culture, business, innovation, technology, art and design, education and so on. As their motto says they are actually “ideas worth […]

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Architecture Instagramers

“Architects are spending one out of every six minutes online using social media” according to sources like Well, actually a lot of people nowadays is spending more and more minutes every day to social media, so why architects shouldn’t? Their public and young staff is all using social media and they know that it […]

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Changing brains?

A few days ago I came across with this post: Technology and its influence on how we absorb information. It caught my attention because we were talking about this in The Social Internet class the other day. The post also comment one of the articles we read in class “Is Google Making us Stupid?” by […]

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