Architecture Instagramers

“Architects are spending one out of every six minutes online using social media” according to sources like

Well, actually a lot of people nowadays is spending more and more minutes every day instarch1to social media, so why architects shouldn’t? Their public and young staff is all using social media and they know that it is a real opportunity to promote their business growth, self-brand and community engagement. Besides, architects are usually artistic and creative people who like to show the world their concerns and creations. Therefore, in this actual world where the use of Instagram is rapidly increasing and having more and more followers, architects are finding their own place and keeping pace with celebrities and starlets.

Recently, in the Architizer blog and interesting post about architecture instagramers appeared. It quotes Alexandra Langer, an architecture critic, who wrote an article for Dezeen magazine about social media practice of famous architects. She said about one famous architect: “His Instagram has a lot to do with the architecture of self-promotion, but little to do with actual building,” and “The same goes for many architects’.

insta likesIs that true? Yes, apparently. As I have said before, architects (and come on, many people) like to be self-appreciated and like to promote their designs and pictures. One of the Instagram’s goals is that, to share your pics and receive the best possible amount of likes. And you know you like it! I think it is good to stimulate yourself a bit.instarch2

On the other side, I also believe it is very important not only to promote your own work but to show engagement with general architecture followed by culture, public art and community space. I believe people interested in architecture and design would appreciate an account where it is possible to find a mixture. It is very practical and (really!) comforting. It’s like having a little architecture visual library in your hand. The photos of actual and historic buildings are lovely with a pinch of filters.

The Architizer blog I was talking about so had made a research and had found these “media-savvy creatures” in Instagram. They’re not the more famous in the world but rather young and anonymous who like the freedom to share their passions. Well done!

Here you can find my favorites among this Architizer list :  @mauriciotufino @the_architext @vitovillabilbao @lifesansbldgs

Architecture Instagramers

Another itsocialnetworld app:

Well, finally I’ve joined ! After all this time talking and reading about it (the second order of order!), I thought I’d give it a chance. I like to be organized and I hate when I don’t remember when I’d read something it caught my attention.

Before joining I must confess (embarrassed face here…) I just had a docdel_icio_us-logo saved in my laptop where I simply copied and pasted the links hoping I’d come back later to read it. It was kind of messy; sometimes it wasn’t helpful at all. So, this bookmarking tool it’s a bonus for me! It helps me to organize the links better with the design; the title and specially the tags which are a splendid way to find the things I want. It’s really simple and useful.

Besides, as you can see in the right-sidebar here in my blog, I’d added the widget. It’s a constant reminder that I have to sign in and read the bookmarks.

I really don’t know if other social bookmarking tools are better or not. At the moment, I’m happy with the simplicity of (but maybe adding photos or other colorful characteristics will be a plus) but I’d like (and need) to investigate more about social bookmarking.heat it social media

If I’ll find one I like too, I’ll let you know through here. But for now, here is another itsocialnetworld app to add to my list!

Another itsocialnetworld app:

Experimenting with SMtools, an itsocialnetworld app!

I don’t regret downloading this mobile app in my Ipad! Sometimes, I’m just bored and I start netsurfing, looking in AppStore for interesting apps. When I believe I’ve found one I download it and then sometimes not worth it at all… I hate that but that’s modern netlife!

flipboard blogHowever, Flipboard is not the case. Flipboard is an app that aggregates content from a wide variety of sources, including news websites, social networks and blogs, which you can organize into “flippable” (I love that, the gesture, the swiping) magazine-style pages.

You can personalize your magazine content from a myriad of well-know sources as BBC, NY Times, etc. You can arrange the sections, covers and subscribe to your own Twitter, Facebook, Google+ timeline and receive your social media feeds. This app will make the tweets, lists, notifications, etc. and turn it into a lovely magazine.

The new version 2.0 even let’s you create your own magazines with articles that you find in various sources. These magazines can be followed by others, and at the same time can also be edited with a friend or partner you choose for this task. I haven’t tried this new feature yet but shortly I will, it sounds interesting and funny!

I’m not a real mobile genius but navigating the app is simple,  easy to understand, useful and beautiful. It’s really great to read the news you’re interested on, gossip or stay connected to people-all in one place!

heat it social mediaFlipboard is the newspaper for the digital age and I totally recommend it, for me it’s an itsocialnetworld app!

Experimenting with SMtools, an itsocialnetworld app!