· About me and this blog

It EcoSocial NetWorld is a blog created to discuss, review and write mainly about sustainability, social media, architecture, green living and current issues. Or actually, about any topic I’ve been pleased to devote some time. If someone is interested and have the chance to read it, perfect!

The blog was preliminary created for the Social Internet class I was taking in Purdue University (US), to share posts about social media and class’ reflections. However, now I’m carrying on writing and I’ve made it my professional blog to write about the topics I’m interested, as mentioned before.

Well, about me! My name is Ariadna and I’m a Catalan girl from Barcelona, recently graduated in MSc in Sustainability, Technology and Innovation. It’s a program created by a consortium of universities, the Polytechnical University of Catalonia (Spain), Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland) and Purdue University (USA). My specialitzation is sustainable architecture and cities, energy-efficiency and sustainable development and tourism.

Nice to meet you. Thumbs up! It’s hip to be green!


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