Keep in touch, Twitter. About the new Apple green headquarters.

Navigating through Twitter I came across with a tweet by @iambiente that said “Nuevo campus de #Apple será el edificio más verde del mundo” ( The new Apple campus will be the greenest building in the world). So, knowing that I’m pretty hooked on this topic and Apple is a well-known brand I started to explore.climate week nyc

I’m sure that everyone interested in all the environment and climate change issues knows that today the Climate Week 2014 in NYC concludes. During this event, activites, conferences and workshops had taken place across NY city in support of the UN Climate Summit. Tim Cook, actual Apple’s CEO, participated in one of the events and announced that, as we all know, Apple is working on reducing its carbon carbonfootprintNot only in the installations but in its manufacturing and chain supply, and adopting more ecofriendly measures such as not using dangerous chemical substances in its products. However, the new Apple campus in Cupertino, CA, was the bigger disclosure. He didn’t give a lot of details so I tried to investigate by myself. Actually, the Apple website has a very good section about its Environmental Responsability and a good video about the new center so, I haven’t had a lot of work.

The new building is being designed by Norman Foster+Partners (as you know if you’ve been reading  the blog, this man and his team has me fascinated) and the goal is to built an innovative center that “has no net increase in greenhouse gas emissions”. The building will be ring-shaped and Sir Foster spilled one of his characteristic speeches: “It didn’t start as a circular building it really grow into that”. Seriously, I appreciate him, but man, architects can be a bit a pompous sometimes (wink).

Apple_Campus_2_renderingThe new campus is being built to meet the highest standards set by LEED. It will be powered by 100% of renewable energy sources, concretly solar power, and there will be no need to use air-conditioning for 75% of the year because of natural ventilation. Furthermore, 80% of the site will be open space and drought-tolerant plants and other resilient species will be used. In addition, they are planning the transportation to and from the campus to be greener too. I always welcome these kind of initiatives, commutate alternatives. Recycling programs also seems in good place in this company. They claim that their recycling programs collect a rate of 70% worldwide, when most of the companies only achieve a 20%.

Nevertheless, Apple has to start thinking more about ‘reuse’. The i·ambiente portal reminds us that, for instance, Apple buys gold to business without RSC. We all know that they can obtain it from recycling smartphones and other products. It’s a very good plan to built a greener building of course, but in a company like that they should also focus in that kind of issues and their carbon footprint. Specially, in the aluminium account. They already know it and we can congratulate them on trying to improve its life cycle and I’m wishing them good luck in their findings for new methodologies.

It’s hip to be green!

Keep in touch, Twitter. About the new Apple green headquarters.

Stay on top, keep in touch: Twitter

So, the first presentation is done! What a relief, I was so nervous… But I enjoyed a lot learning about all the data the other groups had presented.

If I have to comment all the presentations this post would be eternal! But to mention just a few points…: I really liked the general idea and the curiosity of the uprising in Egypt organized through Twitter of the first group and the personal touch (so funny) of the second. The third group part about “Mobile social media used no matter what”so true, what the users expect to happen after they become a company fan of the fourth group was really well found, too. And finally parents and social media? Educating the children or monitoring them? Like all other groups, very good.

7970301754_427a383ea4_oWe organized the teams via Twitter and as a new ‘twiterer’ I have to say it was very practical and fun. On the first days of class  you don’t know all your classmates, their interests… So, it was easy to get in contact that way. You can share you thoughts, what topics you’re interested in… Then, you reply, give your opinion while you maybe are lying in your cozy sofa or the cafeteria and that’s all, you joined your team! You can communicate more quickly and scheduling work is easier. Besides, some people are more likely sometimes to respond to a tweet than an email or a text.

An other advantatge is that throught twitter you can literally access a lot of people. That’s a huge resource of free ideas, links to interesting data… I actually find some data for our presentation that way. You feel so good when you read a tweet that really helps you with your assignments! Then, the thought about how Internet has provided an endless stream of distraction seems exagerated…

P.S. I found some interesting blog’ post about how to use Twitter in the classroom, so is somewhat realted. It has a lot of tips and it’s long but it can be an interesting lecture. Here comes the link if you want to have a look,  60 ways to use Twitter in the classroom.

Stay on top, keep in touch: Twitter